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Aurora A9 - Set Up Quadcopter, TriCopter & MultiCopters

Originally Posted by Dylonius View Post
I apologize for the lack of description, here is what I am experiencing.
I will follow the directions for binding/linking in normal mode and everything seems to be right with the LEDs.
However, I don't hear the four beeps to confirm everything went OK.
What I hear is 2 sets of three beeps with the tone "low medium high low medium high" and then
three beeps of the same tone to indicate a three cell lipo I am assuming, then all three motors beep
once a second continuously with no response to the servo or motors. I read all of the relevant sections
I could find of the other post that you linked and didn't come up with an answer. Any advice?
Are you referring to beeps from the Aurora 9, Module or from the ESC/Motor combination?

"What I hear is 2 sets of three beeps with the tone "low medium high low medium high"
and then three beeps of the same tone to indicate a three cell lipo"

Appears to be not warning beeps from the Aurora nor module, but an arming problem with your ESC.
How many ESC involved and are they set up on individual channels with the lowest trim set below
the half way mark? refer:
EPA & ATV - Dual Rates differences & Cautions, BEC Problems & ESC Throttle Settings

. To check settings, refer to the monitor panel or remove ESC leads and plug a servo into each relative
port and check all operate same direction etc.
. As to many different configurations are possible, can not assist further without diagram of how motors
are setup & controlled and how power is supplied to transceiver.
(Optima Transceiver (RX) - SPC - SPC connection & Lead Detailed should be power into servo bus
via one switchmode regulator or the BEC from one ESC, not all ESC)

Following may assist:
X650 Quadro with Aurora 9
"If your X650 is completely stock, power is provided to the receiver by the UltraPWM ESC module.
Keep in mind that the X650 has two different motor arming options, and they're noted on the 'Motors' setup page of the X650 Configuration software.
One option is the standard, where increasing throttle starts the motors... the other setup will not arm the motors
unless you move the Tx stick all the way left or right.
The software also gives you the option of setting the motor start point when using the traditional setup.
Last, make sure the three-wire cables from the FC module to the ESC module are plugged correctly... they're not in the standard 1-2-3-4 sequence. "

Aurora 9 - XAircraft-X650-V8 Setup.
Aurora 9 - XAircraft X650/X650V MultiCopter (Aerial Photography & Video) owners thread - A9 Q&A.

Aurora Setup for Gaui 300X Quad
"Nearly all multi-rotor machines use a standard aircraft-type transmitter setup.
.. the gyro/stabilizer handles all the mixing. Also, many types of ESCs cannot be calibrated when the gyro or autostabilizer is in the circuit.
It's always best to disconnect the ESCs and plug them directly into the receiver's throttle channel (one at a time) to do the ESC setup.
Once everything is set up and working, you can add Expo or change your endpoints in the transmitter, but
DON'T add any mixing functions unless the copter manufacturer states to do so. "

. GAUI 330X S/500X Quad-Flyer Build Thread /Tips Aurora user posts may also assist. - FPV Setup. Videos taken via TriCopter with Aurora 9, as TX
have requested a Zip file be added to "Aurora 9 - Model Set Up & Templates"

DJI Naza Homepage & Support center.
DJI NAZA Asisstant & TX Calibration Video based on F550
Aurora 9 - NAZA M GPS fail safe RTH mode.Video
Aurora 9 - DJI WKM - Failsafe Setup thread
Aurora 9 - Dji wkm Throttle Problems - ESC's must be calibrated to transmitter.
Plug each ESC individually into a receiver and use the range of the throttle to tune the ESC to the A9's signal.
- see also the answer to OP, first item at top this page

Aurora 9 - NAZA user thread
Aurora 9 - NAZA
"I fly my NAZA with the A9. Programing for the radio was minimal consisting of
a switch selection for the manual/ATI/Failsafe modes."

Aurora 9 - kkopter quad in the X configuration
"I've got a kkopter quad in the X configuration.
The radio setup was probably the simplest craft I have, although the setup of the kkopter board itself took some work.
It's a great radio, you'll be happy with it. "

extra items:
. Quadcopter FPV - A9 with Optima 9 - Video.
. Fold-able Quadcopter made from scratch - Aurora 9 with Optima 6 - pictorial DIY build.
. FPV Spring Training QAV400 - Aurora 9 with Optima 7 w/ Batt. Telemetry - Video
. Snow Day FPV - QAV400 Maiden - A9 with Optima 7 w/ Batt.Telemetry - Video

When setups are complete and model flying well, please help others by posting detail and zip file to:
Aurora 9 - Model Set Up & Templates Program (Model) Templates.
(Download existing Set Ups and transfer to your Aurora. Upload & share your own set ups/solutions.)
Those Multicopter & respective programs will then be listed under:
Aurora 9 - Template Index: Acro, Glider, Helicopter, Rock Crawler, Tanks, Simulator.

Alan T.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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