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All, I have been traveling (and recovering from traveling) for the last 10 days, and have been remiss in not posting here during that time.

From reading through the posts since my last visit, it appears that most of the questions have been addressed (thanks Mike, Crist, Randy, Floater and others for all the help!).

One note: there was a problem in 10.01 that was causing RTH trigger issues, primarily with the guardian gain knob. That problem was resolved and 10.03 and later. I posted about this on the Guardian thread, but failed to post that info here.

Can the new altimeter v4 be used as a real variometer ? You used to say the V3 was not accurate enough.
Yes, that's one of the main reasons we did the altimeter V4. It's resolution is better than one foot.
Also, I have a guardian but the Pitch and Roll angle displayed in the OSD remain at 0 event when I bank hard (on the bench) with Main Gain set at 8...
We're not displaying numeric pitch and roll right now. The servo deflections was changed back to display Pan and Tilt for the tracker. Pitch and Roll will soon be available as text parameters you can display like the others.
One more thing: the windows software reacts differently from on PC to another: on the laptop the "select graphical items to be displayed" does not show up... whereas it's displayed on another...
Any chance you could post a screenshot of the laptop display, where the graphical menu is not showing up?

BILLP....could be helpfull to put all this Google stuff into the manual.
Thanks for the feedback. We're nearly complete with the project to host Google maps/Google Earth in our software. Once that's done, we'll be better equipped to document the various features, I think.

After 2 km, with the OSD is suddenly reset in the sense that the display itself shows the first page of the OSD system configuration.
Also, while motors, which are linked via the Eagle Tree OSD, suddenly collapse. This happened at the same time.
It sounds like the OSD got a spurious pulse from your receiver's Aux 1 channel, which caused the menus to trigger. Note that the OSD will not have any effect on your motors, regardless of what happens to the OSD, unless a) RTH is triggered, or b) you are using the Guardian and have stabilization enabled. My first suspicion is a loose main battery cable or ESC/BEC overheat issue, which caused everything to reboot, including your receiver and perhaps ESC. When your Rx link recovered and/or ESC rearmed, motor control returned. Also, do you happen to have a video of the event? That might help to rule things in or out.

Flew a little today in windy conditions. About 2,100' away from me I got a message that said "RTH Engaged: Bad RX Pulsewidths"
Starting in software version 10.02, there is a menu item "Disable PCM Glitch Detection?" under the "Radio Control Configuration" on-screen menu. If you set that to "Yes" (ASSUMING YOU HAVE A RECEIVER THAT SUPPORTS FAILSAFES and have selected "PCM/FS" receiver type), that message will not appear again. RTH will still work fine, as long as you have a radio that goes into failsafe mode when it loses signal (traditionally called "PCM"). No need to flip this switch unless you rarely see a brief "bad pulsewidths" message with your failsafe capable receiver.

Could you, please, publish in the OSDPro and Guardian manuals the range of the different parameters ?
Yes, we will for any that are missing- thanks for this suggestion.

I think this will help with RTH when you are bucking the wind. The way RTH works now if you are above the RTH altitude the OSD cuts the throttle and the plane just floats there, depending on the wind direction, you are not making much progress back to home and the plane is just losing altitude. Having the plane go to cruise throttle will bring the plane back sooner which is the point of RTH in the first place. If you are below the set altitude the RTH will invoke climb throttle setting as it does now. Bill
Thanks for the feedback! Right now, the RTH altitude setting is the "center point", and the altitude error settings defines the range, or window, of tolerable RTH. When the model reaches an altitude within this range, it uses the cruise throttle setting, + the elevator, to maintain the altitude within this window. If the model is climbing above the window, I think your cruise throttle setting may be too high, or your pitch proportional gain setting may be too low. Note also that there is a delay in advancing the throttle to the cruise setting, starting in software version 9.94, which adds some hysteresis between the cruise and climb modes. Let me know if we need to do something beyond this.

viper6549, that sure does look like a white/black level settings issue to me also. Please try your white level at 3, and your black level at 6. Though that won't look particularly appealing, it will at least confirm whether this is the issue. If that works, then you should be able to reduce black/increase white until the appearance is acceptable.

1111Mavrick, could you please click "Advanced, Calibrate Pack Voltage and Amperage" and then click "Restore factory defaults" and "OK" in our PC software, to see if that resolves your issue? Note that it's normal for the eLogger to get warm.

Trying to setup Guardian, I upgraded OSD Pro / Elogger V4 to 10.04 (coming from 9.96). It seems that I have a poorer GPS reception. I hardly get 5 sats when I used to catch 11.
This would not be any sort of software change. Note that there are constant variations in satellites in view, which is the most likely explanation. Also, have you moved the GPS in relation to your video transmitter? And is it our GPS V4 with the built-in toroid ring in the cable?

Still do it with 10.04, I can make it appear by pointing a flashlight in the cam, no impact, no disconnection. Also my telemetry is still fragile to light change.
That is surprising. We've got the camera that you originally had issues with, and the next step is for us to get the issue reproed here. If it does not, we'll need to also set up the same tx/rx you have. Sorry this is taking so long!

Please let me know if any questions remain unanswered!
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