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Originally Posted by e_lm_70 View Post
Cheap prices ... come at COST

Out of 54 order from HK, 2 I have done over HK German Warehouse (this avoid pay taxes, and less trouble with local custom office) ... 2 of 2 of order from HK german, end up in a pain

Now they want me to pay 21$ more for shipment, 1 week after my order (all items on stock), since they say, that now they discover they can not fit into one single shipping box all my order

Question : It is my fault if their online shop can't properly calculate which and how many items can fit into 1 shipment for the shown cost ?

Anyhow, if I would be informed 1 day after my order would have been something acceptable, but get a notification 1 week after, it is not ... not only ultra slow, but also they pretend more money.

Anyhow ...

We all know ...

CHEAP is not for FREE

You pay for what you get



ps: The stinger for my taste is a bit pricy , 100$ from Germany, or 80$ from HK ... the T-45 64mm PnF is way cheaper ...

pps: Still, where I am living there is no local physical hobby shop ... so ... HK at the end is more a constriction then a choice ... anyhow ... 52 of 52 order from China, all did work fine ... so maybe I should not complain much about it
dont pay them the extra cost. It's illegal to ask you for extraq money through paypal. I got paypals advice for that as they have done the same thing with my t-45.
It was their mistake and they should carry the extra cost. It is alsi paypals policy that all buys should be completed in 1 transaction

As i said. What they are doing is illegal
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