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Originally Posted by SeismicCWave View Post
>>What do you think?<<

I think you should spend a couple of hundred dollars and get yourself a flight simulator for your computer first.
What he said

If you want to haul a heavy camera into the air you have a very steep learning curve ahead of you, the path will be paved with horro stories and tears but don't let that put you off
Listen to the experienced guys (the one's who are willing to help rather than look down their noses and sneer)

The problem is that the videos always make it look easy, in truth it is far from easy

You need to have your aims mapped out as precise as you can then set off on the learning curve

Questions to ask yourself...

Are you going to be attempting professional aerial videography or is it just a hobby thing

What enviroment do you intend to fly in, i.e. open fields, urban, congested areas

What country do you intend to do this in (yes it's riddled with very restrictive laws in most countries)

No one platform is best suited to all types of videography
Multirotors do have advantages and disadvantages, for example they're not great in the wind and orientation (seeing which way it's facing from a distance) is a big problem
If you can learn to fly a collective pitch helicopter you'll be OK (but that will take a couple of years) DON'T rush out and buy a CP heli yet, it will most definately end horribly
For learning, keep your outlay as low as possible, buy cheap little helis to play with

Join a local club
Get some tuition
Get a Simulator then see CptJac on the beginners heli section of this forum

Have fun, don't let the stuck up folk put you off
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