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Well this has been a long fought modification and I must say it is not just a bolt pieces on and your done one. I had a serious tail wag problem first off which turned out to be a combination of several things, tracking ( less than an 1/8" difference ) , a misaligned padded ( so little that it was only noticable upon spool-up with no blades ) , a out of balanced blade ( so very little it didn't hardly show up on my Heli-Max balancer ) , and .2mm of play in the tailrotor shaft gearbox. The one thing I have learned from this whole experiment is that the bigger the bird the more thing need to be correct because everything seems to be amplified 10x . I now have it to where it will hover very stabile and solid , no tail wag and moves around only from the wind now and not because it is chasing its self around. First nice day we get that the wind isn't blowing 40 I plan on taking it to the field and will try to get some video of the big bird in flight.

I am planning on putting this one in a Bell Long Ranger , but was wondering if anyone knows if the Long Ranger and 407 share the same basic fuselage or not ? I know there are some small differences like the vert. fins on the horizontal stab and some added intake ducts on the doghouse but other then these differences I can't make out any others. I would really like to do a 407 vs. a Long Ranger and don't think I can swing a MarvelCraft 407 although they seem very worth the money , I was thinking maybe one doing it up as one of these.
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