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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
People have been using the telemetry for years, long before anyone else. With our transmitter you will have it in your hand. It really makes no sense switching to an inferior radio system too.
Yep we had to make our own unless you call the PCB layouts on the web sensors, even the remote voltage sensors on this forum have been produced by other.

How much are your altimeter, variometers, external voltage sensors, temperature gauge, RPM sensor, triaxial acceleration sensors, and the GPS units please as I have not seen them on your web site as yet?

Have I been logging onto the wrong site I wonder?????

I have been after another telemetry unit all this year which is always notify when back in stock even the Graupner iFS MX16 is the same Notify when back in stock.

Sorry Jim but I have been using your system for over four and half years and have been waiting to purchase 6 more RXs but have been waiting for the telemetry units being in stock before placing my order.

Re the Frsky units we have tested the latest units from them and I can report the smoothness of the servo output running at 9mS is as good as using the top end of town units.

The range of 2.5Km with only 60mW <18dbm and no swamping of the receiver when injected at 300mW with probe placed next to the RXs antenna outer covering shows the robustness of the front end with typically -104 to -108 dbm sensitivity.

The initial binding and rebinding is one of the fastest tested with all channels fail safe settable.

The major market providers units have been placed at the side of the unit on test and no problems.

The price of $23.00 for a eight channel RX can’t be bad with full telemetry and the TX as audio alarms for voltage and range as standard and all fully upgradable using a UPS cable.

Sorry Jim but you have lost me after all these years but I will monitor your progress in the future.

My regards Malc…..
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