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Originally Posted by TheOne420 View Post
I forgot to put the kfm steps in the plans. If you just take the wing template and cutfrom the spar forward that will work for the stepps and you will need 2 steps and one main wing. it works out nice and flies even better.
Thanks Man!

My first build I only used one layer for the wing and the Kfm4 steps on top and bottom. This time I doubled the main wing and again have the steps top and bottom. Curious to see what the difference is. I think this should be better than the first one. I am also doubling the foam for the elevator and rudder as your plans describe(didn't do this last time). I think I am going to add extra foam where you have added the balsa strengthrning in the tail. Simply because I don't have any balsa lying around right now.(lazy eh!)

I noticed Stormdriver added some struts to his horizontal stab. Is that beceause of the doubling of the foam that it needs the support to keep from twisting?

Time for some gluing tonight!

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