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5,547 Posts what did the address on the package say? Was it correct? If so, it's the USPS that screwed up. If not, you need to check and see if it was a typo on HK's part or on your part. It's VERY unlikely that HK re-types any address in their system....

So please explain where the mix-up occurred.

Calling people "shills" with absolutely NO proof is actually callied libel or slander depending upon the mode of transpartation. Criminal libel in the US is almost non-existant. However, in civil cases, the record is $222.7 million.

Your claim of shilling falls under letter "i"
Defamation per se

The four (4) categories of slander that are actionable per se are (i) accusing someone of a crime; (ii) alleging that someone has a foul or loathsome disease; (iii) adversely reflecting on a person’s fitness to conduct their business or trade; and (iv) imputing serious sexual misconduct. Here again, the plaintiff need only prove that someone had published the statement to any third party. No proof of special damages is required.
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