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So, the two kits arrived finally, I will say they were packaged well... No damage to any part... Both kits packaged in sealed bags... Plenty of bubble wrap... The postal worker that delivered said there's absolutely nothing wrong with the address label and did not know why it was being sent back(He had heard all about it at the post office, I know the guy) I live in a pretty small town...

So, two pieces of humble pie and a side order of crow for me... I am happy with the outcome, the kits arrived complete and undamaged... It did take 6 phone calls to USPS, but I got it done...

Excuse me for my rant... It's been a rough two years( I was creamed by a drunk driver two januarys ago and pretty much flat on my back in pain for two years)... It seemed as if "Murphy" had me by the short and curlys lately... Two years of that makes Ken pretty darn grumpy... My apologies to anyone I may have offended... Now if my EDF unit would get here I'll be in business... Darn still need batteries...

Back to fun and flying...
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