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UPDATE: The USPS (Actually my local Post Office) just called me back, through my efforts (six calls to the USPS) they found my package, confirmed it belongs to me, stopped the return trip and I should see it today, if not tomorrow...

I need to stress that I solved this issue, not HK... Hopefully the products will not be damaged and all will be well... I am dying to see what the label looks like or why this happened... I'll stop my whining now... Unless of course the products arrive damaged...

SO, I eat a large slice of Humble Pie in front of everyone for my rant, but I solved this problem not HK... I still feel HKs handling of this situation with their online support should have been better... I was so excited to be getting these, and it was heartbreak when I seen the tracking info this AM saying it's sent back... We'll see what shows up and in what condition...

I here and now am eating my slice of humble pie... Excuse my rant...
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