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Mark, excuse my attitude... This is very upsetting because the package is sitting about twenty miles from me, with a little effort on Hobby Kings part, they can avoid this item being shipped back... It's still in the USA, unfortunately for me, the USPS needs to hear from the shipper not me to verify that the package belongs to me...

I've been looking forward to this since the order was placed, I honestly hoped HK would have proved all the bashers incorrect when my package showed up with no damage to the products... To find out it made it all the way here just to be shipped back is upsetting to say the least... The inconvenience to me is hard to deal with, I sold personal belongings to be able to make this purchase... I paid via Paypal, they will ultimately givee me every penny back, it will take until october, and worse yet, HK won't get any more orders from me and because of paypal, HK will eat all the shipping costs not me... It is in their best interest to try and solve this problem now while the package is here in the US...

The customer service handling of this is self defeating to HK, and an inconveniience to me... They could have had a good customer, if this order went smoothly... Instead, it went exactly as I expected based on what others have said about HK, I had to see for myself, I did... And the others are correct... HK dropped the ball when they simply refused to try and sort it out while the package is here in the USA...

BTW: A shill is not name calling, it's a profession... Nothing wrong with that, I did it for a long time... Don't take offense...
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