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I'm thinking they are trying to turn this company around. I think they have made some changes and are trying to do right by the customer. I also feel they need to be judged for what they do from this day forward. The past is gone. If they now treat customers badly, not just one or two, but a lot, then I too will stop buying from them. You can never please all the people all the time, but a majority should walk away from the experience pleased. I read complaints that seem valid. I also read complaints from people who obviously harmed the product by their own actions and then want their money back. I see Youtube videos of maiden flights where the pilot puts max stress on everything in the first flight, crashes and cries. That behavior is not prudent. When we had to build everything ourselves, including control rods, covering, alignment, motor and servo selection, and on and on, we would have been viewed as a complete idiot to maiden a bird with max stresses. You don't find bad glue joints, weak servos, bad clevises, weak landing gear, overheating motors and on an on, until a couple of short flights and careful inspection upon landing. They as a company have to sort out the real problems from the whiners and complainers. That's gotta be tough. I say we give them a chance.. and no I do not work for Banana Hobbies. If they fail now, bury them. If they do good by most, support them..
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