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Originally Posted by bartricky View Post
Tell you what....

I have a stock ESC and a Ch8 receiver not being used since I changed out all my electronics. ESC has a Deans batt connector on it but can be changed.

PM me with your address and it's yours..


I just wanted to send a shoutout to bartricky. I recieved a package from him in the mail last Friday, complete with ESC, all wiring to the various switches and reset buttons (and of course to the battery and motor). He was even nice enough to include his spare Tx/Rx that came with his Wild Hawk! THANK YOU!!! That was extremely generous of you, and it definitely helped to lessen the blow of discovering that my new toy was already out of commission. Now, simply with a little TLC, I could get her back flying again.

When I got the package in the mail, I spent some time putting the nose back on the plane with toothpicks, hot glue, and packing tape. Now the nose is slightly crooked and angled upward, and the canopy no longer fits well. But now I can say that my plane has character. Before I put bartricky's electronics into the plane though, I did some messing and was able to get the ESC to kind of respond (read: not fully shut off, and risked sometimes being stuck on full power) to throttle control on the Tx.

I decided that was good enough to take it out to fly it a bit more, and I wanted to get a bit more practice in first, before switching it to bartricky's parts, so that I didn't end up accidentally breaking those as well (I'd feel aweful). So, I managed to take it out this weekend for a day with a partial battery charge, and it flew like a champ! Two full flights, some big circles, and some straight overheads, and beautiful touchdown landings as well. I was impressed!

I charged the battery yesterday, and went out for another flight at a different location. Big mistake! The area was way too small, and I ended up banging it into a tree, and crash landing over a car. I think the last landing finally finished off my ESC. But have no fears, I have bartricky's generous shipment at home!

So now it's time to put the replacement parts into the plane. His ESC that he sent had a Deans connector on one end of it. Rather than remove it (it looked impressively well soldered together, mind you), I figured that if it was worth doing, it was worth doing RIGHT! So I bought a 4-set pack of M/F Deans connectors with heat shield on Amazon yesterday. Once those come in tomorrow, I will begin the process of pulling out my electronics, and getting his put in. My goal is by Saturday to have the parts replaced and the motor running smoothly, so that I can take it out for another flight or 10.

Thanks again bartricky for your shipment, and thanks to all for your help and advice in this thread! I'm loving being on this forum already .
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