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You can use Carbon fiber rods for the tail feathers; take your stabs to a local hobby shop and fit them. You'll have to buy a 36 in piece of two sizes, but they're cheap. Your could also measure the size and order from:

I would use Al for the main wingrods because of weight. An 18 in 7076 rod, 1/2 in dia, weighs around 5 oz whereas a similar size steel rod weighs 16 oz. Of course, in windy situations you may want the steel.

Bulk 7076 Al rod cut to length can be obtained from:

You will then need to 'BEND' the Al rod to approx 5 - 6 degrees creating a little dihedral when installed in your plane.

Note - you need the stronger 7076 rod!

I just went thru this process...I bent the 7076 using two pieces of regular pipe. I practiced on the less strong 6061 rod that I obtained from a local bulk metals shop. I paid $12 for three pieces of 6061, cut plus the two pieces of pipe... IMO, Your not going to be able to bend the steel rod with this process!!! This shop did NOT carry the stronger 7076 Aluminum rod, although he could order it.

If you determine you really want the 6061 rod, I will give you my bent practice piece; you pay for the shipping. I'm sure it would work, but it won't hold up to a full winch launch so that is why I'm not going to use it. 6061 is only what is available today pre-cut/bent from stores on the net, if you can find it, which is why I went my own route. It was a fun project to go thru.

My plane flys beautifully.
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