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Eric, this is some info from a PM between Truglodite and myself that may help you in the right direction.

No, I haven't tested a 6T with 2s yet, but it'll come between 11T-D and 10T-D. Dave has tested 11T-Y on 2s, which is the next notch lower in Kv at 2750:

Turnigy 2730-14P-11T-24awg-Delta
Rm=0.051 ohm
GWS 5043hd/15739RPM/7.00V/9.10A/11.4oz/75.4%

...and I've tested 10T-23a-D, which is the next notch higher in Kv:

Turnigy 2730-14P-10T-23awg-Delta
Rm=0.032 ohm
GWS 5043hd/17402RPM/6.68V/13.33A/14.5oz/71.5%

6T-Y will be in between those numbers. Note that 6T-Y raw Kv is technically 2900, but on 3s the raw Kv turns out to be around 2750Kv due to extreme RPM (more eddy currents slowing it down).
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