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Originally Posted by Drewkc View Post
Today while flying my ultra micro t-28 the aileron stuck to one side and it started spiraling down but I saved it. I landed checked it out, the control surfaces seemed fine then when I launched it again the same thing happened after a few laps luckily over grass and crashed down. Again I checked it and flew it again and it didn't happen no more. I don't get it? I'm flying on a dx4i on high rates and I've been flying this plane for awhile now and never had this problem. I no it's not the controller because when I got the super cub dsm I sent the controller in to horizon and they updated it. I'm stumped cause the rest of the flights went fine anybody have any ideas
Three things cause this or its a combo of the three. You'll need to go intide the plane to investigate.

The linkage can bind or be hard to move, especially if a wing is creased. If the ailerons move free with the servo disconnected, this probably isn't it.

If the servo locks up at full travel and you need to spin the large gear to get it unstuck, you can trim ailerons away from this side of the travel and mechanically adjust the U-bend to recenter.

If the Servo dies in the middle of its travel, it likey need a new Servo rack/motor. They are about $10 for horizon. You'll need a #000 Phillips screwdriver to take off the 4 screws, and solder on a new motor.

If the T-28 is relatively new, I would contact horizon. If its out of warranty and you Don't want to fix it, buy a new AS2000L long throw servo to replace it.
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