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what's mean a rapid flash led on RX ?

Hello Jim,

my old IFS RX is flashing always (fast) Red and or maybe orange and doesn't bind anymore with the TX, now that I got your new RX my old IFS one does'nt work. I work on a new Jet and this Rx was working perfectly during all the setting and before when flying my Mirage, suddenly today after making the balance for my plane the Rx stay with this flash red led , it is not the normal red flash that wait for the TX to be on and then turning to green, to be sure I test again your new RX and all is ok.

if I powering while pushing the programm button ( I tried to connect to XDP it is not reconized) led just change to solid orange , impossible to bind ( to bind I need a normal flashing red at start ), when it is powered any action on the programm button does not changing anything the led is always flashing ( it is more like a strobe than really flashing.
I hope not to have a fatal issue on this two years old RX ( XR-16 ifs )
here a link on you tube I made a short video :

the begining of the movie show correct Red & green flash with Extremlink Rx received from you last week, the second IFS Graupner RX have a rapid flash Red led and never link to the TX
thank you for your help!
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