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Originally Posted by Razors edge 29 View Post

I break stuff all the time - and its aggravating to no end


You learn a lot by repairing helis - and build a lot of skills doing so, modding ect

Always a positive side to look at as well.

I break stuff,,, stuff just breaks, wears out, or needs some mods etc.. I guess I'm lucky as my life long hobby and what I get the most enjoyment out of doing my whole life is fixing things, houses, cars, boats, trucks, airplane and my models..

Being in the modeling hobby for over 50 years off and on I have always come back to it as it's the most enjoyable hobby to me.. And the micro heli world is the best it gets as not only can I fly without having to go anywhere but I get lots of things to fix or try and find ways to keep them from breaking.. And then testing my work again without having to drive anyplace.. OK might have to move the wife's car and my truck down the driveway a ways but still better than having to pack up the truck and driving a hour to a flying field.. And there is the lower cost of repairs..

Another great thing that I'm now enjoying is following and buying Walkera and their new state of the art micro models and talking about them on here..

Do I believe all the hype NO, do I trust everything I read NO.. Heck I sometime don't even trust what I post... Do I enjoy chatting with most of you guys and the fun most of us have had together over the years on here heck YES... It's my hobby I treat it as a hobby..

I try and give my honest point of view on things as I have nothing to gain or lose by pushing a product as being good or saying a product isn't as good as it should be or even a POS.. I just try and let others know my experience with it..

Sometimes like with the V100D03 I just haven't had the time to really fly it and fix it right to even say anything good or bad about it so as many of you might have noticed I have been silent about it lately..

What will happen with this one I'll just have to wait and see.. Might be a great heli out of the box and stay that way and/or might turn into another mCPX..

As I can afford more than one or two new heli's a year I tend to like buying the new ones as I enjoy the rush of placing a order and waiting for it to be shipped and then following it across the country to my doorstep just as much as the first flight and the first crash and spare parts order... And of course sharing all this with you guys...
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