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The Ingenious Marketing Strategy in general

Originally Posted by i812 View Post
If it was the least indestructible micro then I could see stretching the truth, because it is the best; however, I don't think it has it been proven yet that it is more crash resistant than the mCP which is propably what it will compared against.

I put a high value on honesty. Signs of dishonesty, immediately turn me off.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Looks like some people are fine with stretching the truth just a "little" for some brand recognition and to get your attention for sales. Some slippery ways of doing things are fine as long as they stay within the boundaries of doing business legally. I think some of them actually get off on this type of thing like its a competitive game.

But, thats just the way the world works so it would seem in some places. Whatever makes you buy the heli is generally accepted practice here on the internet and else ware unfortunately.

And they also know how easily the user base is swayed here because they have been at this thing for a long time and made some mistakes along the way. The difference is that they learned from their mistakes and here on RCG there is a fresh clientèle every product release to bamboozle and bedazzle

I made my peace with that awhile ago, but post like the one you just responded to has put my radar up again. Whatever man, I wouldn't touch this helicopter with a 10ft pole. See you in 6 months When all the guys pitching this heli right now will be long gone and on to the next walkera or eflite heli that's newly for sale. Have you noticed...they rarely come back after the initial explosion of sales to keep up the support to the new buyer userbase?

BTW if you want to know the truth on this whole IceBlade shenanigans and why I think he did it, I made a nice post about what I've experienced over the years with the Walkera Thread Salesmen, Ice was definitely on the extreme side of the left but some of you might find this interesting reading.

Post #8 in response to post #4 in the "Genious CP - Another Walkera attempt to copy Eflite." Thread;

I find it sad and unfortunant that things havent really changed over the last year like I was told they would. So it would seem you guys will all pay for that one way or another. Just like the guy that didnt know how to solder 2 joints for the MCP-x brushless upgrade had to pay, in some cases, over 100.00 extra for the upgrade. Sleep well tonight all you Dealers, Associates and Reviewers. To the cronies: your response will show who you are. Wake up!

(Excluding TomZ of course who is completely unbiased and impartial, buys all his heli's and doesnt sell or is connected to a specific Walkera dealer in any way. I know he is definately one of us and it's a very nice thing you are doing for him. I really hope he finds this heli worthy)
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