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Originally Posted by bobepine View Post
There is zero evidence that the video in question is genuine. The footage is cut back and forth and there is no way to tell if it's the same heli crash after crash or if it's been repaired or replaced between frames. It's the internet, mate... I don't believe everything I see on the internet.

So far very few review are coming in and out of a handful of genuine owners, two of them broke parts and those who haven't happen to be well versed pilots. I don't think this heli is indestructible AT ALL. It's a marketing scheme, no less. It will break just like any other heli.

It's important to also note that they market this bird as a good choice for beginners since it has the super dooper gyro. I'll tell you what... Why don't you guys buy ME one of thes helis and I'll show you how quickly I can break it without even trying to...

Plus, two owners have reported that the 6 axis gyro has unwanted flaws. One of them can fix it with trims, the other cannot. That's not going to be helpful for a beginner....

I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, here. It's just that you say "let's get real..." so this in a genuine effort to get real. If anyone wants to be in this hobby and thinks that this heli is the answer to the never ending flying/fixing cycle... I have news for ya. It's not. If you don't want to repair broken parts, don't buy this heli. Get into collecting stamps instead.
LOL,,,your quite right dude,,,its not going to be crash proof,,and never should have been aimed at new pilots either,even if it can be dumbed down in the tx the newbe doesnt know how to do this ,,the rtf version should come with newbe settings as a first model option in the tx and normal settings in the model number 2,,, saying that,when you compare it to an average cp heli like a 250 or 450 it is very durable in the hands of someone that will fly on grass and hits the throttle cut or hold before the main blades hit the ground and do all the dammage that is possible,,cant wait for mine,i have broken 1 main shaft, 2 sets of wood blades and two main gears in 8 monthes on my 450 so i think the genius will be indestructable in my soft girly little hands
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