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Originally Posted by Chap1012 View Post
Kyle, I just realized something. I have 16 Ni-Mh "AA" batts rated at 2200mah. I have a 4 port charger for these batts. I know you have the Thunder AC6 charger which is capable of charging Ni-Mh batts. I was just going through some of the cables that came with this charger and noticed there is a DC port (left side of charger) that one of the cables fit nicely, however, the other end of the cable has banana plugs. I tried plugging this cable into the side of both my ESky and EFlight TX's and it doesn't seem to fit right (on the ESky, not at all). I thought I might be able to plug this cable into the TX and the banana ends into the ports where the balance plug would go for charging 2S batts.

If it's not too much trouble, when you find the time, break out the cables you got with your charger and see what you come up with. This is getting interesting. It would really be nice just to plug up and charge after a few uses, rather than wait an entire day/night just to charge 4 batts in my 4 port charger.

The charger I use to charge the DX6i (and used to charge the HP6DSM) came with the DX6i.

It is made by DVE and has the model# of DSC-3PFB-05 FUS 055015, Output of 5.5 v and .15 amps(150mAh), Spektrum part# SPM9526.

With this charger, I do just plug up after a few flights, in fact I just leave it plugged in all night, every other night or so. Pretty handy.

I do know that I have read a post where a person has to be careful and check polarity, because some chargers use reverse polarity on the incoming AC supply. I think that(if I remember right) E-Flite stuff has reverse polarity.

I also have an Olympus stand alone 4 cell charger that came with my Olympus camera that I use to charge these batts.

These batts (Ni-MH 1.5v) have never had the "staying power" that alkaline cells have. When I have the 4 of them in the TX, I can never get more than 5.6v out of them, fully charged. When I put in new alkaline's, I get over 6v.

I dont see how lower TX voltage can effect the TX's range, I dont think that is true, untill TX gets to minimum voltage, then of course it could.

I checked my AC6 cables and I dont see any way to charge the 1.5v's from it. It came with a bunch of leads/cables but nothing specific for AA batts. It must require a separate lead/adapter to hook up to AA's. I am not sure what charger you are trying to use to charge the Ni-MH's?

Let me know,
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