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Originally Posted by 1Pilgrim View Post
Hey, thanks! I was 2 chicken 2 try it lol
I don't think it matters but, it was only a bench test. I didn't actually fly it. I just observed the anti rotational pin on different settings.

@the rest of you all...
RE: Rechargeable "AA" batteries.

I did some research and learned some interesting things about recharging these "AA" batts. If you have the "AA" rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries they are best charged on a "stand alone" charger designed for these batteries. In other words, don't use the charge port on the side of the TX to charge these batteries.

How to identify the polarity on an electronic port or cable? If you look closely at the little symbol that is stamped or tagged near the charging port/cable you will note a NEG (-) sign and a PLUS (+) sign to the left and right of the "symbol of polarity." For example, if you see the symbol as...

- ---C--- + ..NEG. is outside and POS. is inside (the pin). For those of you who has the HP6DSM TX, check out where the charge port is. It is opposite to that of my example. NEG. is the pin and POS is that of the outside. I went through a few charging cables I have around and the symbol is a bit different but, still understandable to see if the pin is NEG. or POS.

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