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I have two non-E Aspires (2M). On any given day, I'll fly one then the other. At my skill level, one of them will consistently stay in the lift I find and the other is hit is miss. While there is a small weight difference between them, after much study I believe the bad one just isn't setup properly,, be it AUW, CG, or Decalage setting; the later is an easy problem to create and being off just a skosh makes all the difference..

Part of this hobby to me is starring down the challenge here to learn why my problem. One thing you need to do is be subtle with the control inputs on such days...
but if not setup right, the plane won't process light conditions, period. My good bird initially flew poorly as well, but I mod'ed the stab to lighten and was extremely careful how I put it back on and spent a lot of time establishing the new CG.

I also have two E-Spectras with a similar problem.

I'm suggesting your modification may need scrutiny.. You just can't spend enough time with the setup of any plane IMO.
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