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if you have a good war-bird pilot in the club, let him maiden it. It really fly's nice, the takes off are slightly tricky, and I mean slightly. Pick up ground speed before yanking her off, and slowly feed in right rudder, you may have 25% right rudder when she lifts off, and 10-20% right aileron. Like most of these type planes, taxi with full up elevator. She lands just a little hot, not too bad really. When she touches down, as you back off the throttle, you feed in up elevator to keep the tail planted, and not allow it to nose over, (but not take off again).

I'm sure you will be fine.

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If anyones' still hanging around this thread -
I'm embarrassed to admit it but, I still have not maidened my CMP Spit. Last time I took it out the sliding canopy blew off during pre flight run up. Since then it's been relentlessly hot and windy. Just recently the weather is becomming flyable again and the canopy problem seems okay but now one of the main gear e-tracts is malfuntioning. I relaced it with a another and it malfuntions too.
Soon as I can figure out the problem I'll post the results of the maiden test flight.....with video if possible.

Don't give up on me yet.

Hope all have enjoyed a safe and happy summer flying season.

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