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New RC Pilot with a Wild Hawk! Crashed it, and now I've got questions!

Hey all.

Brand new RC pilot here. I've been into RC for a long time, off and on (randomly buying cheap indoor RC heli's, etc. However, about a month ago I got the RC Plane bug, and purchased a Wild Hawk a few days ago.

Fast forward to today. After putting the plane together last night, I took it out flying this afternoon for the very first time. Obviously, with a new pilot, as you could expect - it crashed.... First time was a strong nose-dive right into a deep grass field. I went and picked it up, and the nose was broke off (expected). No big deal, I figured, and I proceeded to fly (read: crash) it over and over for the next half hour.

As I was crashing, things started coming apart (lol!). First was the power switch that the wires ripped out of. No big deal, I twisted them together to give it a permanent always-on. Then the reset switch came out. Again, no big deal, when the battery would come loose, I would just touch them together to simulate the reset.

Finally, the last time it crashed, I went to put the battery back in, and twist the power wires together. When I did that, the motor immediately jumped into high gear and started running full-speed. Even without "pushing" the reset button, it still kicked on fully. I messed with things a bit, and it still went fully.

I then pulled out the receiver, and disconnected the channels from the receiver, to make sure that wasn't the issue. Oddly enough, I pulled all three, and the motor still picked up fully.

So, that leads me to believe that the motor takes direct power from the battery itself, and relies on a lower voltage from the receiver supplied through it's channel to relay somehow the fact that it needs to turn on. And I'm guessing that somehow I mucked up that process when I crashed. I'm also guessing that "logic" is contained within the heatshrink wrap part that's connected to the whole thing. I figured, however, that it was in my best interest to make a quick post on here to see if anyone else knew what the problem would be, before digging into it. I'm having a great time with the plane, but I just want to make sure that I don't destroy its innards, before I destroy its outer shell!

Thanks all for the input, and I'm enjoying my new hobby already!
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