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Checking the wind
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Old Tiger Moth Just Gets Better

I love this thing! Now on its' 2nd motor, my GWS Tiger Moth now has an estimated 50 flight hours on it. (that equals about a million t/offs and landings)

The reason it has so many hours on it is simple. First- it flys well, Second-I fly it from my yard so when I get home in the evening the TM goes for a flight if the wind isn't up. I flew large glow airplanes for 30 years and lately could only manage a few flights a year. (never gonna fly glow again) Now I fly more in a week than I was used to doing in a year! Flew it last week when it was 12 degrees. It flew right out of my garage. 4 feet in the air when it went out the door. Taxied back in at the end of the flight. I stayed warm!

I though you guys might enjoy seeing what a 50 hour Tiger Moth looked like. Below is a photo.

About my Moth. I built it almost completely stock. I can't see a real need for most of the mods I read about. Sure the wing flexes a little, but it doesn't seem to bother anything? I even like the origional struts. When you wreck and break a wing, they simply allow things to unfold a bit and nothing really gets hurt too bad. I use 7 and 8 cell 300mah NIMH packs from most of the time. I think their weight to power ratio is about right. The 9-7 prop works well as does the 10-47. The more a fly it the more I love it.

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