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I picked up aluminum tubes in a variety of sizes. The paper spool hub inside diameter is too small for the nearest size tube and to big for the nearest smaller size. I found out that plastic drinking straws fit perfectly over the smaller tube and inside the paper spool hub snugly. I also picked up some small nylon cable/wire retainers and the tubes I'm using for the mount hubs fit perfectly inside them. I'm going to try to use the retainers so I can get the pulleys off of their mounts so I can change rubber bands, they use a small wood screw through two holes. I'm still working on the balsa gears - coating them with Elmer's white glue. I've put on around seven coats. This makes them hard and smooth. The hubs for the gears will make the gears mesh right at 5 1/5 PICAS from center to center. The gear teeth need to be a little loose to turn freely. I'm having trouble finding the right rubber bands to turn the pulleys. I have 1/4" wide bands but stretching to 6 1/2" will put too much stress on the frames. I could use a 1/8" band but like B Matthews said, I need to make the pulley hubs concave to keep the rubber bands in the center.

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