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Depending on the size you want, you will make this in either 3mm or 6mm depron
For 6mm its best to cut out the three panels of the centre layer seperately, then after marking and cutting each panel they are rejoined to make the W..
For a 3mm build I found it easy to bend the main layer using a craft heat gun..

Either way the W is assembled and the angles measured and fixed using a cool melt glue gun. To this W layer the outer top and bottom front layers are laminated..
See the pics above

On laminating..

UHU por does the job, apply to both surfaces where it needs to be fixed , let it dry and then accurately and carefully get it in position without touching..then push together.. have each main panel section flat on a surface as you do this to avoid adding warps..

The outer layers are made from four parts, I started laminating at the center and worked outward.. Chamfer the edges of each part to get a fair fit, its better to have a small gap on the outside of each joint, because you then use hot glue in the joints to further fix and reinforce the angle
IMPORTANT You should be checking the joint angles as each section is laminated, and applying hot glue whist maintaining the angle.. When its set you can let go..

NOTE The outer layers will need to be cut in slightly different sizes in width only ...the outer layer/sections on the bottom will need to be trimmed down, they will stick out slightly..So these can be made to the same size as the main layer
The layers for the top skin need a slight enlargement to fit well.. on the two outer sections add 1/4" to the width, or you will be adding, as I had to do, a small outer fill strip
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