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Originally Posted by RCSquale View Post
Well nrg2go, it is actually a Turnigy C2826 - 1900 kva.

I agree with you, I need a bigger battery to balance more nose heavy. What I don't get is that with my set up I'm right on given CG by Thome...

I reckon my battery are a bit tired now and don't give me a nice punch. i need to buy maybe a good 2200 mAh batt....

By the way the prop I used was a bit more then a 6x4 ... Can't really put bigger as I will end up in my rudders

Cheers for your appreciation
I didn't say bigger batt, I said bigger prop. I know you can't swing a bigger prop but this motor needs a bigger prop (8x6) to produce decent thrust.

What I'm trying to say is you need a motor to match a 6" prop. This motor is not it. Get a higher kV motor such that you get the thrust at 6".

The specs for your motor says 8x6 for 3S and the thrust is rated between 200-520g. A 6x4 is probably producing around 300-350 tops. You can try a healthier batt but I don't think things will get much better.

She flys if you keep the speed up, but you won't have "get out of trouble" power when you need it. Maybe some others on the thread could suggest other motors? The motor I use is not available any more, a LSSPJ at 32g 2350kV 250W swinging a 7x5 producing around 24oz of thrust at 3S.
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