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Here's another way to make a container to charge in, I used a 2 pound Coffey can for the outer shell, the inside one is a 28 ounce tomato can, I placed 2 1/2 inches of sand blasting sand or play sand in the bottom of the Coffey can and then set the tomato can on top of that, I then poured sand around the tomato can , I have a wire welder so I made a top out of metal and welded a hinge to it, the old grinding wheel in the photo will be placed on top to act as a dampener, not heavy enough to hold it down firm and the lid is not air tight any way.
as far as the ammo can acting like a bomb, I have never seen a battery go off but I doubt it is as strong as black powder which I do know about. all powder has to be compressed tight so it can explode, if it has the least bit of space it will just burn, 40 years ago I made 12 gauge shells with the old felt wads and a hand loader, I didn't tamp the wads tight, I pushed them in till they were snug, well when they were shot the lead shot went about 5 feet out of the barrel and fell to the ground, this was with modern needed to be compressed tightly to fire right.
Gasoline is a power full explosive, in my work we had a kid that tried to blow up his dads car by placing a rag in the gas tank fill hole and lighting it , it didn't do any thing and I don't know why.
Until I see one go off I can only speculate on what will take place, That's the reason I would have a way to vent the ammo can so it have a way for the fire to escape and not be like a compressed shot shell. the coffey can is no doubt totally safe as far as being a bomb so thats what I am going to use now as the lid can raise slightly to let out pressure
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