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Kevin, do you own a Dremel Moto Tool? If so you have the ability to use it as a small wood lathe to allow making all your own pulleys for a project of this sort. It's really not that hard to set up and do.

And that way you can make the pulleys a little bit barrel shaped so that the rubber bands or ribbon belts tend to self center themselves. It's worth doing even with the spools or you may find out just how little retention you get from the flanges at the edges.

Also you'd better make allowance in the fuselage for the motor to be about 6 to 8 strands of 1/4 to make the motor heavy enough to have the power needed for a decent flight time. And in truth you may even end up needing 10 strands of 1/4.

To get the model to achieve a reasonable climb and not run down just at touchdown you need to make the motor weigh about roughly 30% of the total model weight with motor. You won't get a climb from just 4 strands of 1/4. At most you'll get a cruise climb up to a few feet above the launch height and then a powered glide to touchdown. Meanwhile contest models have been shown to fly their best balance of power to glide when the motor weighs 50% of the total model weight.
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