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Li'l Satan build - part kit, part scratch

I'm salvaging what I can from a cannibalized kit that's been on the shelf for 20 years. I'll have to make some parts, and others have survived in the box.

Last weekend I made the lead and trailing edge spars. I stacked the jigs that came with my Li'l Jumpin' Bean kit to make a airfoil shaped sanding block. First I trimmed it down with a small hand plane, comparing it with a spar fragment that remained in the kit. Then I sanded it until it was shaped like the airfoil sanding block. I had to freehand it the rest of the way because it's smaller and a bit different shape than the Jumpin' Bean spar. To freehand it, I put a soft flat sanding block in the vice and just carefully went back and forth. It came out pretty nice. The trailing edge was a lot easier. They are both a tiny bit larger than the originals, when measuring thickness from front to back. I hope that adds some strength without noticable weight. I chose good sticks with long grain for these pieces. I'm glad to have new wood in this area. When I build the front center section with the bellcrank housing and firewall, I'll probably opt for new wood in some places since that's where the brunt of the shock goes in a crash. Not that I'll ever do that.

Then I used the jigs to hold them in place while I glued the ribs in place. It looks good, except upon close inspection, it's a bit twisted. I was pretty sure the spars were straight before I started gluing them. I'll try binding it straight and spray it (I read that ammonia and water work well for this), then dry it. I hope the ammonia won't de-bond the ca glue. If it won't straighten up all the way, I can probably straighten it with the heat shrink Ultracote.

Here are some pictures of my progress:

Name: Lil Satan LE Spar.jpg
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So that's it for now. I'll add to it as I go.
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