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Originally Posted by guyg View Post
Were did you got these soft pads - 4 units under your camera Platform ?
do the Screws go ALL THE WAY down to the other side - covered and supported with the foam
OR.. 1/3 way screws into the foam \ rubber unit so the camera can "Float" on ?
As i need some of These.
Do you have a link to get them or it is Home made.?
Your setup looks GREAT nice cleen and as a PRO..well done!!

Hi Guy,

Good to hear from you...

The screws are not all the way through. It is a screw thread onto a little plate on each side. In the middle is a silicone join. There is no link between the two metal plates other than the silicone.

i bought the mounts from this company here in the UK...

These mounts work extremely well... On the first flight out i took a load of photos, from the 65 photos only 1 was blurd, because i happend to pan the heli just as the photo was taken.
Also on the same day/ flight, i switched the camera to HD video... And it camemout perfect... No jello... No vibration etc... It jut worked the first tme. I haveto add that i spent the last 3 years testing various materials to get the best vibration dampning andnusing different techniques... so this wasnt just luck... but it works and now you all can benefit from it

Enjoy... And if you have trouble gettingnhold of them, let me know and i can help you to get hold of some of them.

All the best,
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