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Goes fast handles great, don't expect it to last very long, the hull could really use another layer of glass in a few areas, most people who have handled mine think it's made of abs not fiberglass. The motor mount flexes up and down under the weight of the motor alone, try wiggling your motor wires with the flex shaft out of the boat sometime and see what it does! It uses the stuffing tube to stiffen up the motor mount!.
You have to be very careful doing strut adjustments, the stuffing tube will flex the inner and outer layers of the hull so much it causes alignment problems with the motor.
The flexibility caused my stuffing tube to come loose from the hump in the tub. I also have stress cracks developing around the stuffing tube exit in the bottom of the boat.
The first time it blew over backwards both flimsy plastic braces popped off the bottom of the hatch, was actually the first run I had with the boat!
The hardware is pretty much all UL-1 with the exception of a rudder with no water pick up. This isn't bad, it's well tested and does the job just fine. I did swap in a SV rudder and run a dual water cooling system with exits in the side of the hull so I can see the water coming out when running. Just used the original outlet for an inlet.
To be honest a chimp on crack could have done a better job sanding this boat there are massive scratches under the clear coat. There are also blobs of filler that were not sanded at all on the inside tips of the sponsons, it was applied by finger, you can actually see the fingerprint through the paint and clear coat!
Flex shafts have been breaking but Aquacraft is taking care of this with the next batch of boats.
It's a very fun boat, faster and better handling out of the box than the Geico but the Gieco is a much higher quality boat.
I have compared the two side by side and the difference in finish alone is night and day!
Thats a nice press release but this boat is not the greatest thing on the water by a long shot. I like mine and intend to keep it but don't believe the hype their are issues with this boat just like most of the others out there.
They are a 350$ high end toy basically, a real P race boat has that much into the motor and esc!
I've been testing all different spec power setups in mine, it's been used pretty hard and is really showing the wear. I run 2 or 3 times a week weather permitting.
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