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I have been "otherwise occupied" and have only now had time to send Tony the email about getting a set of ribs. As soon as hear from him I will let you know.

OK everyone, time for a small update. I am finally able to get back to the Raven build. Late Summer/Fall is always a busy time for me with house stuff but I should have more time to dedicate to the build. Right now I am getting ready to button up the fuselage. The fuselage top sheeting need to go on next but before I can do that I need to secure the horizontal stab control rod down the length of the fuselage. In order to do that I need to have a rough idea where the servos are going. I think I am going to put them in the fuselage between the F2 and F3 formers. The Rudder servo will go up against the F3 former and the elevator servo will sit just forward of that. That will leave room for the receiver to go behind the battery and in front of the servos which should help keep wires away from moving parts. Any thoughts on this would be helpful before I cast this decision in stone.

I am off to make control rod bracing.

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