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Originally Posted by pchats View Post
Hiya Guys,

Glue.... So you Jeff use epoxy for your EPO models? Some say Hot Glue is best... Now I am really confused about what to use.

I have little faith in the Med CA and kicker that I used on my SBD as it broke easily! Maybe I needed to prep the glue areas? I dunno, but last thing I want is this one to come apart.

So guys may I ask what glue is best? and how to apply correctly to get the best results

Thank in advance,
Hot Glue is one of the best on foams because it's pliable, does not get brittle like epoxy or CA. But where time of gluing is to be considered, it may be a question. If weight is a big thing, then, CA is great. On the hurricane gear mount (plywood) hot glue is the BEST option. CA or epoxy will crack from repeated impacts. If you have used gorilla glue before, that is one of the best option, other than other glue that others may suggest, such as 3M, etc.
Gorilla glue will give you plenty of time to apply on all the surfaces where it's needed and not dry on you. Spray water just when you are ready to join them (such as the fuselage halves) to "activate" the gorilla glue. You can spray water on either surface. Only one surface needs glue application. Hold them tight while they bond together for about 15 minutes.
On my Windrider 737, I used gorilla glue to join the fuse halves, both main wings, vertical and horizontal stabs.
Do not use excessive amount of gorilla glue, as they foam-up and leak out of the joints, though could be easily cleaned up later.
Minimal Gorilla glue required so weight added is very little, unlike epoxy.

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