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Got in a belated flight session Sunday afternoon. We had a surprising number of fliers show up from out of town - all reporting Irene had pretty much destroyed or damaged their local fields. That contributed to the only couple of flights we managed to sneak in - the air was kind've crowded with planes, not to mention blustery wind conditions.

Mike declared it WAY too windy for me to attempt, and I knew it so didn't mind at all that he did the flying while I studied his Tx operations. An 'OT' flight was first, only mentioning it becuz I'd so eagerly anticipated it -- maiden of the Messerschmitt. Short flew like a fat pig, way underpowered, & got only about 7 minutes out of a fully charged 2200mAh NanoTech. Anyway, got it on video, will be uploading it to YouTube later if you're interested.

The Bix flew beautifully, even as Mike noted a few times the wind was really beating it up. Y'know, I've come to really appreciate how that thing's just beautiful moving thru the air! Mike hit one amazing spot - about 250' up, he swung it into the wind and it literally hung in one spot for a full 30+ seconds, with no motor!! Mike did something else (at my request) I've not seen in the hours & hours of Bix/SS video's I've seen to date. Outside loop! And not one, but a dual!! Tell ME this baby ain't aerobatic!! *LOL* Gotta confess my puckerstring pulled down a couple knots as he executed the first, and continued thru the unexpected 2d. She's SOLID, man!!!

Two things (besides the aero's) make this worth reporting. First was that it was a trial run for something new - the HD keyfob cam. Proved to be angled a bit high, and quit recording visual at about 6-7ish minutes but continued sound recording til the end of the flight. ??? on that one! I got a feeling the last scene - turned towards the sun, might've been what blinded it -- will be testing today. Subnote - under-wing & camera-top patch of DualLock about 3/8" square was the sole mount!

The 2nd thing - Mike really wrung it out during the flight, pressing especially hard the last few of the 11 minutes. When it touched down, immediately popped canopy & took temperature read on the 20A stilted ESC: 106. AIR DUCTS WORK!!

A post-flight review you'll enjoy. Sitting under the clubhouse shelter packing everything away for the trip home, Mike said the Bixler way outflew the 109 - grinning like a mule eatin' briars.

Told'ja I like the way it moves thru the air!!
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