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B-24D Liberator

This is a combination of an idea and a build log. I thought I'd get started. I've been thinking of building a Liberator for a few days. At first I was going to build the 2000 series Guillow's kit and modify it for four propeller rubber power. But I found a really great plan for a 60 +" RC Liberator. I bought it, downloaded it and burned it to CD...Yea me! I can do this. The plan is super detailed and absolutely covers everything. I was going to buy the Guillow's plan for $17. including shipping, what a mistake that would have been. I would have done that and drafted a plan based on it. I can convert the plan I got without a lot of trouble but it will be a major job. I'm going to build the Liberator rubber powered and rubber drive four 6" propellers. I found this great company which sells micro sprockets, belts and chains. I've already figured out how to make the power system mechanism. The wing span will be 48", at that size I can buy the Guillow's clear plastic parts sheet from them for the canopy and front and aft windows. Guillow's has replacement parts available so I won't have to buy the whole kit. I can't tell you how excited I am about this project. I've been wanting to build a large plane for some time and also I've been wanting to build a plane that will earn extra contest points. I'll finish up with the Warhawk in about a month. I have to wait till the dope drys well before applying the dark green camouflage tissue and I have to buy a Gizmo thrust button. But back to the subject: The Liberator engine's are below the center line of the wing so running a long prop shaft from the sprockets for 3 degrees of down thrust is no problem. In fact, it works out nearly perfectly. The large camber ( if I have my term right ) of the airfoil makes it perfect for housing the drive mechanism. I've figured out that I can use a 3/4" double sprocket chained to four 1/4" sprockets for a 3 to 1 ratio. the inboard engines will have double sprockets, also. I'm going to build a way to use a winder at the nose to wind two lengths of rubber with the fuselage double sprockets in the middle of them. After I have the plan printed and sized I'll begin drafting a plan for free flight. I'm going to design the power system at a 100% size and send it to this company and just request they fit their product to match what I need. And of course I'll use contest balsa and Esaki Jap tissue.

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