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Originally Posted by Park_Flyer View Post
Being a bit perplexed by the weight of this model I decided to do a comparison with my still unbuilt Electrifly Sopwith Camel.


Since the Stearman fuselage is 4.5 inches longer, it's natural that it should be heavier, but over 100% heavier??? This obviously throws the CG aft, which, combined with the weight, is why the need for the heavier battery and motor. As mentioned above, the wing loading is quite high - and 2.5 lb is crazy for a 36" model. I'm going to try to build this one lighter with less motor and battery, which could save about 3-4 oz in weight. If I need to add weight to achieve balance, I'll add it under the motor box - as far forward as possible. Other than the weight - I am really pleased with this ARF - looking forward to assembling it
Park Flyer,

If you look inside the Tail FUSE boom carefully, I believe you will find the reason for the weight and Gerry and I believe that the Formers used for the Tail Boom are made of Plywood instead of Balsa. I do understand that Balsa is very expensive but, on a model ARF known for quality?

Gerry and I might be incorrect for our assessment here but, then, why else would this model be so heavy?
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