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HI Mike...
The dowel concept is reaaally a very easy trouble free concept... Plus the advance of strength is a very big plus and not much of a weight disadvantage. Also this type of design allows for quick building and very little work in the shaping of the leading edge. It really does add strength and helps to insure that you wind up with a wing with no wrapage and the best part is that it is easy to get all of the ribs to mate up simply by cutting the ribs all at the same time.. then just take a bit of 400 grit sandpaper wrapped around the dowel couple of wisps back and forth and presto... all of the mating surfaces will match up easy.

The best way to build the wing of course is to cut out all the ribs with leading edge and spar notches done.. trailing edge stock notched to accept the ribs.. Reference the wing Chord... the bottom spar can be hard balsa... BUT the top spar SHOULD be spruce.. the reason is that it will hold up better at the wing saddle.

Pin down the bottom spar, space the ribs, place down the notched trailing edge, pin and brace the dowel leading edge in place... then add the spruce top spar... once all of the piece are in place on the board... use CA to tack glue all of the joints... once done (both wing panels can be done at the same time) add the vertical sheer webbing between the spars as noted... Wing done.. excpect for covering of course.. Note: I do add a triangle gusset at the wing tip rib/trailing edge... Just that strength monster in me.. LOL
Also as a tip for reference.. I like to add a few degrees of washOUT in the trailing edge wing tips... this enables the wing to provide stability and lift at lower airspeeds and for the wing to continue to fly so ta speak...

Yuppers... I got long winded again.. Yell if ya have any questions or concerns.


Originally Posted by mikempp View Post
what does everyone think of the dowel for a leading edge of the wing on the Pronto? never tried that before.
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