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Originally Posted by bobcat7450 View Post
Have you made changes to the wing? I notice on the stiffener that the holes are not their any more.
Is the leading edge of the wing now suppose to be 5.5-6" from the front of the motor mount?
Also I am a little fuss on where exactly the CG is suppose to be I notice in the forum and instruction it varies a bit from behind the wing spar -1 1/4" back?
And what is the total length of the carbon fiber tube from the nose to the tail?
Just minor changes


I would say the CG depends on your flying skill. Beginners want to be stock CG as per the plan drawing included in the kit. If you have skills, you should not lock the wing mounts down. Test fly and check to see if the model dives when inverted. If it dives or you need to provide down elevator to level the plane then you need to move the wing forward. You should also be sure your wing and tail incidence are set at zero. Perfect wing incidence is not always a guarantee in every build. I almost always have to tweak when I build them. When you can fly inverted as well as right side up with neutral elevator, you are ready to lock down the wing mounts. Adding down thrust should only be done if inverted flight is not important to you.

The carbon tube is 800 mm +/- 5mm. The total fuselage length would depend on how far out you cantilever your tail mount.
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