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Need info

I have a 2712-12 1300kv Blu Wonder from Heads up RC that I need to rewind--(broken lead). I have never rewound a motor so need to be educated starting with removing the old windings. I have taken the motor apart to the extent that the stator with windings,bearing tube and bearings are in one piece, so maybe can skip preschool and start with kindergarten. Initial questions:

1.--How do I remove the old windings? they appear to be glued or epoxied in place.
2.--In order to end up with approximately the same kv as original what size wire an no. of turns should I use?
3.--I have some copper wire that measures about .020 in. dia. that I took from around the picture tube of a color tv set about 40 years ago. Will that work or do I need to order wire from GB?

I have read thru the first 50 pages of this forum and have gotten a little understanding but you guys have a language that's still pretty foreign to me at this point. Any suggestions or pointers to tutorials etc. that can help?

Thanks for any help you can give

Edit--my motor has 12 coil stator and 16 magnets. I'm now thru page 50 of this forum and have thoroughly read the GoBrushless website but still haven't found no of turns, wire gage etc. for 1300kv or so motor. I think I do understand how to wind for a Star type connection however.

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