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Originally Posted by dwatson View Post

New to RC Sailing and have been searching sights for rigging information. Thanks for this post. I recently purchased a Nirvana II. Your set up provided me a ton of ideas. What are your thoughts on replacing the boom vang or leave it stock? Also, you mentioned down the road adding a set of custom sails. Would you also add a longer boom crane allowing for more sail area for your custom sails? Wow, you have my gears turning now! Thanks for all the info and keep it coming. DW
If you haven't visited the "Official Nirvana" thread I am sure you would find it informative. Just about everything anyone would want to know about these boats can be found there.

To address your questions I'd stay that a set of custom sails would permit the boat to see it's true potential. The stock sails are fine but don't produce the kind of power a set of well made sails can. The material used on the stock sails is quite thick compared to the materials a sailmaker would use.
You can read a lot about some of the Nirvana's respond to this upgrade on the other thread.

As far as upgrading the boom vang, again the factory unit works fine, but can be improved. I posted some photos for you that show on way of upgrading the stock boom vang.

On the Nirvana thread there is a special project on creating a high tech Nirvana - has all kinds of tips on the modification possible to improve the Nirvana. More information is provided on the rigging changes you see below.
Dennis D at Walrus Sails made these upgrades, the sails and the keel modifications for this project. Steve Lang donated the boat and Dennis the sails and upgrades. Lots of good stuff.
Check it out.

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