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incidence/CG problem with Timeless Flyer

Just flew my new Timeless Flyer. This is the old-timer style 480-powered plane from Hobby People. It has the wing mounted on a pylon like the old Playboy freeflight models.

On the first flight, I had to hold almost full up trim to keep the plane from diving (power off). I moved the CG back to the rearmost point suggested in the instructions but the same problem persisted as well as making the plane a lot more twitchy. I then decided to increase the wing incidence by 1/16: and it flew slower with less up trim needed to maintain a shallow glide path. However, it is still much too fast for an undercambered old-timer model so I increased wing incidence to 1/8". I flew it several times with this setting and it seemed to fly much slower and have a much better glide. However, I still have to fly with full up trim to keep the plane from speeding up/descending too quickly.

It appears that I need to raise the wing incidence even more so that I don't have to use full up trim. However, it's hard to believe that since the fuselage has the wing and stab mounts molded in that the default incidence could be so far off. I considered moving the CG back but I'm already at 34%.

Any ideas what the problem might be???
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