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Originally Posted by miru View Post
It does not turn wifi off, it manipulates the iptables to route navdata through itself and to block iDev AT*REF and AT*PCMD. There is a comment in the shellscripts on the drone that states one does not want to use iptables too many times... it might crash the OS. This is really weird, because the mechanism works fine on all the Linux boxes I run no matter how often I change it. Maybe they messed with it?
miru, for your peace of mind, I finally discovered my problem. Drained a 2350mAh battery doing trail and error to finally determined the real cause of the problem. It's not your mod. I disconnected your mod and confirmed it with my iTouch. Ardrone reports a connection error message when it failed a start up on top of the metal desk.

It was very interesting since I test the startup with the ardrone:
- on the roof of my car (metal) - start up OK.
- on the floor - start up OK
- on other desks/tables - start up OK.
- wasn't able to find another location to fail startup.

Back to my shop, put the ardrone on top of my metal desk - failed!
- put the carboard back under the ardrone - startup OK.
- put a smaller box to raise the ardone by 1/2 inch - startup OK

- remove smaller box - failed!

- raise the RC receiver and arduino up off the ardrone by 2 inches - failed

- put a very small box under the ardrone (look hard to see it) - Start up OK

After this test, the LED in my head (not the traditional light bulb any more) came on bright! and you probably have guessed what the problem is by it now.

This is what is causing the problem:

It's a non slip type of material you can pickup for a dollar at the Dollar store. It's normally used to line your draws to prevent contents from rolling around but I use it on my work bench so small parts such as screws, nuts, circlips!, etc. would stay in place.

I confirmed this by repeating the test with and without this mat on another desk and on top of my car. No buts. It is the problem.

See this video clip with the mat

Ar Drone test start up problem - Failed to start up (0 min 14 sec)

and this without the mat

AR Drone start up test - No problem (0 min 19 sec)

Now, miru, I too can sleep better...
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