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Originally Posted by Tom K. View Post
An airfoiled stab will make it more stable because the air will flow over the surface smoother making for less buffeting... that's why full scale aircraft don't just put a hinged piece of plywood on the back (well there are more reasons...) If you want it to be docile... then turn back the rates. Now, we have a super stable SHP and with low rates anybody can fly it, and with high, you can really step up your game without having to spend another $300-$500 to set up a velox or slick or whatever... it just makes sense.

--Tom K.
airfoil doesn't make the surface smoother, but it helps the air stay laminar in more attitudes. a flat surface creates turbulated air a lot sooner. the handling improvement is more for when the plane is at speed then during 3D, but biggest benefit is strength, people will simply be able to push them harder. as for full scale, a great many full scale planes have flat tail surfaces; pitts biplanes, lasers, even some Edges...

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