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Originally Posted by 3dFlyer88 View Post
hmm my timing must be off as well. i will give it a try again tonite but so far my attempts have ended inverted. maybe someone can do a side by side video of there controller and the plane to help people out with this move. Im not really great with videos otherwise id give it a shot.
I still end up inverted often, no matter what... Lamber's method would seem better (less funky timing), but no go for me.

BTW, with Dave's method, I do it differently....

Enter a normal spin, full up, full aileron & rudder same direction; (it's spinning very slowly with the nose down)
Next, Rapidly (I do it slowly so I see what's happening and somehow control it that way. Only problem is I'm loosing altitude while I'm doing it ) reverse the aileron & elevator to full down & opposite aileron. This has to be timed properly with a flipping motion you'll see in the snap. (Again, I do it slow, but I've done it that way, but wow, is it random! That snap has to be timed perfectly) After this step, you're in a upright spin... It's fast, but it's not a boomerang yet
Last, smoothly (doesn't matter if I do it fast or slow myself!?!?... Once the upright spin is started, going into boomerang seem easy) reverse the rudder to full opposite (aileron & rudder are now both opposite the way you started) and she'll wind up into an upright boomerang.
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