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Let me get this straight, you have a 69 Charger, 70 Challenger and two old pickup trucks? How did you move them all?

My brother and I belonged to the Mopars Unlimited club in Milwaukee, many years ago. I had some real unusual Mopars, wish I had them now. My first was the 62 Belvedere Max Wedge with floor stalk mounted typewriter shifter for the TorqueFlite. It was serious drag racing fun. I can't recall if it was 413 or 426 ci.

The second was a 65 Coronet drag hemi 2 door sedan. It had dual ram Holleys, a rock crusher 4 speed with cut syncro rings and a Hurst competition plus shifter. It had dog feeding dish hug caps, big black wheels, aluminum bumpers that weren't even polished, real cheap bench seat with picnic tablecloth fabric and a giant hood scoop. It had 13.5 to 1 compression and very loose lifters that clattered like hell until it warmed up and two batteries in the trunk. It was entirely stock. The clutch was so heavy, you had to grip the bottom of the steering wheel to get enough leverage to push it in. It got 2 - 3 mpg on the street and had to have the lifters set and plugs replaced every two weeks. It was a seriously nasty street machine, but it looked like something your Grandpa would drive (except for the hood scoop)!

Next up was a 340 Duster. A nice little car, but very tame next to the drag hemi. I only had it for 2 weeks when a semi went through a red light and ran over the front end.

My last good Mopar was a 440 6 pack Challenger in 1971. I wish I had kept that one. I had a 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z, but that's nothing like the old v8s.
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