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I have never seen carbon fiber rods sold already curved. That doesn't mean they don't exist, but I think it's pretty unlikely. From an inventory standpoint it would multiply many times the different varieties of CF rods that would need to be stocked as there is only only way to have, say, 0.5mm straight rod. But, how many different radius' would need to be stocked for the same size rod? One for each size radius. Many CF rods are formed with a "pultrusion" process, which is continuous, and straight. Again, curved is certainly possibly, but manufacturing it curved, rather than heat molding it to be curved after the fact would make it more time consuming to create.

CF tube can be formed curved. There is a type of CF woven cloth that comes in a long "sock" like tube. It can be slipped over a curved mandrel, pulled till it reduces in diameter, and then have the epoxy applied, and the mandrel removed later. I have some of this woven tube cloth. But, it comes in sizes that are way way larger and heavier than when we are talking about, say, 0.5mm rod.

On a side note: Have you noticed the new "It Can Fly" skeleton foam plane? It can be found on the Tower Hobby site. It comes with two airframes, one a bipe, and the other single wing. So, there is now another skeletonized foam production plane, although without ailerons.

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