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I haven't used both cams....heck I haven't really used either of the cams. But I am a pro videographer and know lots of people in the industry all around the world. I hear many of my colleagues and friends with GH2s (and the previous GH1) cameras and they all love them. On the other hand I know very few that have the Nex 5 to use for video. I know one videographer that got to beta test the Nex 5 and demo it at some big video show but he still shoots all his projects on Canon DSLRs. He loved the camera but the Canon 5D setups he has are in a different league.

Me personally, if I had to pick between the 2 it would be the GH2 over the Sony. The GH2 has some available firmware hacks out there that allow you to up the big rate of your files and get better quality among other cool little tricks.

I only have one DSLR for video at it's a T2i that I use for those eye candy shots and special projects. My other main cameras are Canon XH A1 prosumer models that are way too heavy to haul on a RC rig. They still shoot the old fashioned way on tape but they are still working well and doing what I need them to do so I still use I don't have the funds now to sell them and start over again with DSLR setups. If I were to reinvest in new cams the GH2 would be on my radar if I wasn't convinced the Canons were the way to go.

My biz partner for corporate type projects just ordered a GH2 so I may know more about it soon. Now if I can get him to let me strap it onto my Heptad I can shoot some footage with it.
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